Art Daggers

“The Treasure” Art Dagger – Collaboration between Daniele Ibba, Lana Gorska, Francesco Salvadori and Fabio Bregoli

Art dagger by Daniele Ibba

Black Swan Art Dagger – Collaboration between me and Lana Gorska

“Red Star Art Dagger”  – The blade,  the integral guard and bolsters are realized from mosaic damascus forged by Vlad Matveev, white mother of pearl handle scales and backspacers with 24kt gold inlays,  back pommel made from mother pearl, 24kt gold and one ruby by 0,30ct.  Other 12 Rubies on the handle scales and 14 rubies on the backpsacer have been setting to complete this timeless piece – Total Length 37,00cm

Art Dagger - Red Star - Ibba custom knives

“T-Rex Art Dagger”  –  Blade made from Nebula damascus by Bertie Rietveld, guard and back pommel made from mosaic damascus: below the guard have been created one oval ring made from damascus and 18kt yellow gold, and the handle scales are realized from a slice  of petrified dinosaur bone. The blade, the guard and the pommel, have been engraved by Fabio Bregoli with 24kt gold inlays. This piece ends with a small platinum sphere where I have setting inside one yellow diamond – Total Length 38,50cm


 “SnowQueen Dagger” – Realized from mosaic damascus forged by Vlad Matveev used for the blade, guard bolsters and backspacer, white mother of peal handle scales, 6 pins and back pommel made from 18kt yellow gold with setting inside 7 blue diamonds – Total length 32cm

-Daniele Ibba-SnowQueen Dagger