About me

Ibba Daniele knives & Simone Fezzardi Engraved 

Welcome on my new website, my name is Daniele Ibba, and here you will see the handmade knives and jewels, realized by me, without cnc machinery or other automatized tools, which would remove the pleasure to create something of unique with my hands

I live in Italy, in a small city near Monza, between the 1990 and 1993 I have frequented the school to learn the goldsmith art and techniques, and from the September 1993, I have started to work in my laboratory, where I realize jewels on commission.

 In the January 2004 I have started to make knives, and the interest for this sector is increased day by day, with my main objective to reach an high level qualitative, and to try, with the my knowledges and the previous experiences with various types of metals and materials, to interpret the knife from the my artistic point of view: this obviously, it cannot be based only on best materials, but it must be a sum of factors, like symmetries, limited tolerances, heat treatments specific for every part and type of steel, that added at others elements, they will contribute together to give life at something of exclusive and unique, difficultly replicable even from me, and never see before. 

In the June of 2008, the quality of my works have permitted to became member of the Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai (the Italian Knifermaker Guild) with the Master title, and from that year, I partecipate as exhibitor at the Milan knives show, organized by the Corporation

In these years I had the pleasure to collaborate with some of the best engravers and damascus makers from various parts of the world, in September 2018 me and Vlad Matveev from Russia, were awarded at the Sicac Paris Knives Show, for the best collaboration and the best fixed knife with forged blade, for the “Snow Queen Dagger“.

The collaborations will continue, and by following this site or my instagram and facebook page and profile, you will see the result in the next months

You will be welcome at my table or stand at the knives shows, wich I will attend in the next year, for now, I invite you to visit the pages of the website, where you will find photos and videos of my works, and for any questions, just contact me at ibbaknives@gmail.com

Best regards,

Daniele Ibba


(Below the video with pictures of the process to realize the “Hybrid Dagger V”)


Ibba-custom-knives-model-Hybrid-Dagger-n5-stainless-damascus-blade-and-bolsters-carbon-fiber-handle-scales-and-platinun-details-length 20cm